The WHEAT FLOUR that we supply is the product of well known Turkish mills within the top 10 in Turkey, each having related TS4500, ISO 9001, ISO 22000, HACCP and other quality certificates that are internationally accepted for the wheat flour and food products.

Monthly average quantity available for export is about 3.500 MT. Depending on the quantity and final destination country, we mainly operate and load at Mersin and/or İzmir Ports, Turkey.

Private labeling and packing is also available besides our standard packing and labeling, as well as special technical specifications as per clients requests.

The short descriptions of our standard wheat flour types are as follows. The listed wheat flour types are all suitable for human consumption and used in a wide variety of foods, like cakes and pastry, baklava, noddles and all kinds of bread making.

TYPE 550 TYPE 650 TYPE 850
Moisture (max % by weigt) 14,50 14,50 14,50
Protein (min % on dry mass) 10,50 10,50 10,50
Gluten (min % on wet basis) 30,00 28,00 28,00
Ash (max %) 0,55 0,65 0,85

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