As consequences of adopting "OFFER RELAIBLE AND EXPERTIZE SERVICE IN ALL FIELDS" as OUR MAIN business principle, we operate as a GROUP of SISTER COMPANIES, each having past experience more than 20 years in their own specific fields.

Our activities has started with the AKROMAN Co Ltd. at 1972 and continued till 1980 as a GROUP of SISTER COMPANIES with the joining of RA Co.Ltd. at 1973.

At 1980 a new joining was held under the name of AKPAR INT'L Co. Ltd. and with the joining of AYDA Co. Ltd at the 1989, we found more opportunities to act in different international areas.

Since 1989, AYDA Co.Ltd. is The Leading of The Group. We operate in international markets with an experience of more than 35 years, mainly on international trading, services and consultancy in the fields of;

  • Agro products,
  • Wheat Flour,
  • Semolina and Pasta (macaroni),
  • Olive Oil and Olive,
  • Edible Oil and other semi-processed agro products, dried tomatoes and the likes,
  • Humanitarian Aid and Relief Projects, supply of all kinds of food, medicals, and other goods needed for both natural and man-made crises and conflicts including emergency occasions.,
  • Prefabricated housing, complete and materials, including design, consultancy services and erection at site,
  • Forwarding and transportation services and co-ordination world-wide, from factory to site.

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