PASTA that we supply is the product of well known Turkish Producers within the top 10 in Turkey, each having related TS1620, ISO 9001, ISO 22000, HACCP and other quality certificates that are accepted in the international for pasta production.

All kinds and shapes of pasta we export are produced from 100% Turkish Origin semolina from drum wheat.

Monthly average quantity available for export is about 1.000 MT. We mainly operate and load at ports of Mersin, Izmir and/or Istanbul, Turkey, depending on the quantity and final destination country.

Private labeling and packing is also available as per clients' requirements besides our standard packing and labeling.

Our standard packaging for all shapes, SHORT CUT, LONG CUT, SPAGETTI and VERMICELLI are 400g or 500g packs depending on the cut/shape, and 20 packs in one box. For industrial or professional use we can also supply in bags of 5 or 10 Kg.

Our pasta shapes:

Short Cut Shapes : Rotini, Fusilli, Farfalle, Wheels, Tripolini, Shell, and others
Long Cut Shapes : Lasagne, Bucatini, Bigoli and Spaghetti
Vermicelli Shapes : Barley, Couscous, Stars and Fine Vermicelli
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