Prefabricated buildings are made up "light" galvanized pre-manufactured steel structue and modulation of panels. Size of panels may differ (100-125 cm) x (100-125 cm) depending on utilization of the building. Buildings with such panel system are demontable, easily erected and dismantled several times.

Building is erected on simple concrete platform suitable for the architectural design, using anchoranges.

Depending on specific requirements, utilization of the building, climate and wheather condition of the region, wall panels are made up as;

  • Press panels of fiber-cement
  • Carcased Panels with plystrene foam insulation in between galvanized steel profiles
  • Galvanized steel covered modular panels for bolted system erection

Prefabricated buildings may be constructed up to 3 storeys at A, B, or C Class for any utilization purposes at wide range, as school, dormitory, office, residance, meeting facilities, and others, even as field hospitals.

Depending on the requirements, we can supply;

  • Only the parts and components as per projects, together with erection instructions
  • Complete buildings including erection work as "turn-key"
  • If required, also project and design services

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