Olives we provide is the product of an Aegean Region as an outcome of 4500 years,tradition witnin the East Mediterranian.

Olives are hand-picked, carefully calibrated, and processed naturally without using any kind of conservative substances and/or chemicals. The bitterish taste of natural olive which known as "oleopein" is one of the main characteristics of naturally processed olives. On the other hand, as a result of natural processing, the colors of our olives may differ even in same jar/tin.

The main groups and types of ready to consume table olives, we supply are:

  1. Natural Green Olives, salted and semi-salted, packed in jars with olive oil, as 500 and 1000 cc.
  2. Natural Black Olives, salted and semi-salted, packed in jars, as 400,600, and 900 Grms.
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